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Our Programs

We believe that all youth should have access to positive role models, academic help, moral support, and real world experiences that empower them to gain new skills needed to thrive within their communities, colleges, careers, and beyond.


Youth Mentoring Program

One on One & Group Mentoring

Attention, support, and encouragement in a group and individual setting. Assist youth in developing or achieving their identified ambitions and goals.

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

Raising Moral Reason and Judgement

Moral Reconation Therapy seeks to move individuals from negative reasoning to were concern for social rules and others become important. 


Academic Tutoring Program

Promoting Classroom Leadership


Develop self-confidence and assist in establishing appropriate study habits and skills. We encourage our children to become life long learners. 


Leadership Development Program

Leadership Training & Volunteerism 


Understand the concept of leadership and the importance of serving. Opportunities to apply their new skill set through service learning or summer employment. 

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